Representatives of the Jefferson County justice system and county leadership received questionnaires to begin the jail assessment study process. The questionnaires will collect quantitative and qualitative data to guide the design process and ensure the county’s needs are met.

During the preliminary meeting Wednesday evening, RQAW representatives collected initial goals and ideas from the committee, as well as some of their main problems with their current facility.

The committee and RQAW will look into potential new sites for the jail as part of the study. Sheriff John Wallace mentioned the county has property in the Jefferson Proving Grounds and the old State Hospital grounds, both of which will be considered and evaluated by RQAW.

Prosecutor David Sutter told RQAW that taking advantage of available technology was important and could benefit the county and jails’ court operations into the future.

After the questionnaires are collected in a few weeks, RQAW will begin conducting interviews with members of the the county’s justice system to learn more about their day-to-day duties and how they interact with each other and jail inmates. RQAW representatives will also plan to visit the jail to make observations as early as next month.