Jefferson County Commissioners agreed during a meeting Thursday to use a $45,000 USDA grant as the match needed from the area for an owner-occupied rehabilitation program.

Patty Jackson with Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission told Jefferson County Commissioners last month that the county received $265,510 after requesting $350,000 in grant funding for the rehabilitation program. Although the request wasn’t fully funded, the grant still will be able to help about a dozen families who meet the requirements of the program.

Hanover acts as an administrator for the program this time, but the grant also will be used for repairs throughout the county and including the City of Madison.

The county also received a $45,000 USDA Housing Preservation grant to help rehab homes of low-income residents.

Commissioners agreed to keep the required match of $17,500 planned to be contributed locally to the rehab program with hope of funding a future grant program. Commissioner Norbert Schafer noted the budget is tight, and the county could use the funding as a match after another grant is secured at a later date.

“It’s a rare occurrence when we get too much match,” Jackson said.

The program will help the elderly or single-parent and low-income families in the area replace windows, roofs, doors, electrical, plumbing and structural needs and repairs. The funding also can be used to help pay for wheelchair-accessible ramps or renovations.

The additional $17,500 might have helped one more family, but officials had discussed combining the funding with another grant to make dollars go further in the future.

Jackson said after the meeting there is a waitlist of about 40 families, but the organization continues to accept applications since the waitlist never closes. People added to the waitlist may have at least a two-year wait for upcoming grant cycles.

The program is considered first-come, first-served whenever grant funding for the owner-occupied rehabilitation program is awarded. Families interested in learning more about the rehabilitation program should contact (812) 689-5505.