The Jefferson County Commissioners took action on several items at their Friday meeting:

• Approved two low-bids for HVAC replacement and construction as part of the county’s owner-occupied housing rehabilitation project during a special meeting. Patty Jackson with the Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission opened bids for the two projects, which is set to happen at one location.

Commissioners approved the HVAC bid from Steinhardt Heating and Cooling for $3,428 and a construction bid from Leach Contracting for $11,380 by a vote of 2-0. Commissioner David Bramer was absent at the special meeting.

• Unanimously approved an agreement with ESPY Services for an in-depth audit of telecom and utility services for the county. The company will look for most common billing errors or overcharges in billing.

The county agreed to compensate the company with 45 percent of the charges they recover while the other 55 percent will be returned to the county.

• Unanimously agreed to contribute $5,000 toward a new roof for the Jefferson County Historical Society’s railroad station. Jefferson County Historical Society Director John Nyberg said both buildings that make up the historical society have failing roofs that have become worse after the wind and storms earlier this month.

“We’re getting into a little bit of a panic mode,” he said.

Nyberg asked for $30,000 to repair both roofs.

Commissioners recommended the society submit the damage to insurance to see if any of it would be covered. An estimate for the railroad station roof is $10,000, and Nyberg indicated insurance would most likely not pay much for any damage on the 27-year-old roof.

Nyberg indicated $5,000 had been raised and the additional $5,000 contribution from commissioners will allow the roof in the worst shape to be repaired before it gets even worse.