Jefferson County officials and law enforcement leaders met with design firms this week for informational sessions about a proposed new jail for the county.

The jail committee used the meetings to ask questions about what the next steps will be toward breaking ground on a new jail.

There still are many decisions to be made — including a site, delivery method, design and financing options.

County Commissioner David Bramer said the county is still considering sites for the facility. The county owns land inside the Jefferson Proving Ground property, and there are several sites that are being evaluated.

Representatives from Performance Services, a construction company, and Securitecture, a design and consulting business, explained product delivery methods the committee will have to consider. In this case, the product is the jail and the delivery method refers to how the county will work and interact with designers and contractors leading up to and after the bid process.

RQAW, HWC Engineering and Garmong, the companies that submitted a needs and feasibility study to the county earlier this month, also explained options to the committee as far as product delivery methods go.

Andrew Lanam, CPA with George K. Baum and Company, is helping the committee through the financial options and related legal processes. Lanam said there are still quite a few steps the county needs to begin before and during pre-construction. Pre-construction includes site evaluation, the beginnings of design work and more on both sides — the county’s and the contractors.

The committee’s next steps are to choose a delivery method and how to include the public in the process if RQAW’s recommendation of bidding in March or April 2019 is accomplished.

Bramer and Jefferson County Sheriff John Wallace each expressed wanting to include the public in the process due to the size, cost and potential impact of the project. Bramer said that is why the jail committee meetings have all been public. Wallace said he invites the public to attend and thinks it is important to be transparent. The committee did not set a next meeting date.

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