The Dearborn County Clearing House for Emergency Aid has filed a complaint for an injunction regarding the usage of the name "clearinghouse" by a local nonprofit.

The Clearinghouse of Jefferson County is a program of River Valley Resources while the Dearborn County Clearing House for Emergency Aid is its own certified nonprofit.

Merritt Alcorn, the attorney for River Valley Resources, said he has filed a motion to dismiss.

Both agencies provide services and assistance to those in the community in need. The local Clearinghouse Project was launched in 2007.

The complaint, which was filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court on Monday, alleges that the name of River Valley Resources' Clearinghouse Project causes confusion on grant applications for entities such as the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. The Dearborn County agency also argued that Indiana law requires that a nonprofit corporate name be "distinguishable."

The Dearborn organization registered as a legal nonprofit entity in 1984 through the Indiana Secretary of State Office. River Valley Resources registered in 1990.

River Valley Resources maintains that its Clearinghouse Project would not be subject to the suit because it is merely a program of a nonprofit and not a nonprofit itself.