Proposed Trimble County Schools athletic field design.
Proposed Trimble County Schools athletic field design.
Plans for the second phase of the Trimble County Schools athletic fields begin as the first phase of the project comes to a close.

K. Norman Berry Associates of Louisville presented a schematic design during a meeting Wednesday that combined three possible plans into one. Architects estimate the project would cost $1.69 million should the Trimble County Schools Board of Education approve the plans.

The second phase would update the football field and add track and field facilities behind Trimble County High School.

Architect Steve Eggers said the concept was a basic design that could be changed, but the firm hoped to gather more input on the project before moving forward. The designs presented during the meeting combined ideas from tours of other school athletic facilities around the area.

"The next time we meet we will have a much more detailed design," Eggers said.

The concept designs show a new eight-lane track with a football field inside the track, a practice field, press box, concession stand and track and field facilities in the complex. A plaza would be constructed to provide an entrance to the facilities, and the school's bleachers would be expanded during the renovations as well.

"You're almost doubling your seating," architect Matt Wolf said.

Architects also plan to enlarge the parking lot behind the high school to add nearly 60 additional spaces.

School board members discussed possible surfacing options for the track as architects recommend an asphalt track to cut down on costs.

"You could host any event (with an asphalt track)," Wolf said.

School board members also discussed the first phase of the athletic fields project near Bedford Elementary School.

Architect Stan Klausing with Scott-Klausing Architects of LaGrange told the board all outdoor work will wait until March or until dry weather conditions to continue. Issues with the floor, including cracks and settling, will be addressed at the end of baseball and softball season in May.

Otherwise, all work that can be completed is finished at this point, Klausing said. The board has withheld $25,000 in payments from Kevco Construction of Louisville, the general contractor for the project, until all the work is completed.

Klausing also updated board members on the roofing projects at Trimble County High School. He said the low-roof project awaits installation of a roof guardrail before completion.

Work to repair the high school's gymnasium roof will begin as soon as the school year finishes and the school's graduation ceremony takes place, Klausing said.