TIME TO CELEBRATE: Members of Carroll County High School’s Class of 2014 celebrate after receiving their diplomas Sunday. (Staff photo by David Hill)
TIME TO CELEBRATE: Members of Carroll County High School’s Class of 2014 celebrate after receiving their diplomas Sunday. (Staff photo by David Hill)
Carroll County High School graduated 123 seniors Sunday during its commencement ceremony.

William "Brad" Osborne, co-valedictorian for the class, presented a list of 10 takeaways for the graduating class.

The last item - ranked No. 1 on his list - was to dream big and think long-term.

"Have the courage the follow your heart, but most of all, dream," he said.

Other bits of wisdom Osborne left his classmates included choosing friends wisely, laughing, not being afraid, not worrying about being perfect and learning from the past.

"As we part ways, some near and some far, we will never forget the memories we made at CCHS," Osborne said.

Taylor Hill, the co-valedictorian, quoted country music star Trace Adkins' song "You're Gonna Miss This."

"Most of all, we're going to miss these past 12 years," he said.

Co-salutatorians Austin Crowell and Will Wallace gave a speech filled with pop culture references mixed with reminiscing about their high school experiences.

After the students turned their tassels, Principal Tom Stephens encouraged the students to continue to learn.

The Carroll County High School Class of 2014 as provided by the high school are:

Abercrombie, Noah; Adams, John; Amick, Kristen; Anderson, Kayla; Arteaga, Vanesa; Aulbach, Nicholas; Baker, Emily; Bartley, Christopher; Bartram, Meghan; Bayes, James.

Beach, Jasmine; Benhoff, Kiana; Benson, Thomas; Breeden, Aaron; Brice, Floyd; Brock, Branden; Browder, Copeland; Burgess, Tucker; Burgin, Tre; Burns, Michael.

Calvillo, Alexis; Canine, Devon; Cannon, Skylar; Carrico, Destiney; Chadwell, Damon; Childs, Ashli; Clark, Sequoyha; Corbin, Dakota; Couch, Alicia; Courtney, Austin.

Crowell, Austin; Cruz, Cody; Culver, Michaela; Davidson, Ryan; Duke, Alexandria; Dunn, Brittany; Egerton, Kolebe; Ellis, Christopher; Embs, Damien; Evans, Cody.

Fernandez, Asha; Fisher, Katie; Fisher, Tyler; Fornash, Allison; Foster, Jessica; Gaines, Haley; Gemmer, Joseph; Glauber, Jamie; Green, Cori; Hall, Carrie.

Hall, Michael; Hawkins, Sarah; Hearn, Kaitlin; Hedges, Michael; Hernandez, Anthony; Hewitt, Danny; Hicks, Bethany; Hill, Taylor; Hoopengarner, Megan; Hoskins, Kelsey.

Howard, Rayven; Hunt, Dominique; Hunter, Carley; Irons, Destini; Jeffrey, James; Jimison, Hallie; Jones, Michael; Kates, Gabriel; Keen, Amber; Kindoll, Makena.

Kruzan, Blake; Labrada, Raven; Maiden, Zachary; Martinez, Maria; Martinez, Sierra; McCormick, Tabitha; McEndre, Hannah; McIntyre, Keifer; McIntyre, Tatum; McKinley, Mary.

McMahan, Hannah; Meadows, Gunner; Meadows, Kayla; Mefford, Ashley; Munsie, Jessica; Nelson, Seth; Newby, Blake; Ogburn, Mark; Ogden, Kelsey; Ogden, Mackenzie.

Osborne, Brandon; Osborne, William; Parker, Jonathan; Parker, Joseph; Pattee, Gage; Patterson, Nicole; Payton, Gage; Perkins, Cody; Powell, Courtney; Rauck, Shelby.

Rodgers, Nevada; Rogers, Jesse; Skirvin, Alexandra; Smith, Jacob; Smith, Jessie; Southworth, Cassandra; Spencer, Keegan; Spenneberg, Mercedes; Srouder, Ashley; States, Nicole.

Tapia, Diana; Walker, Shelby; Wallace, Ainsley; Wallace, Bryan; Wallace, Kaylin; Wallace, William; Welch, Michael; Williamson, Kayla; Winburn, Aleshia; Wise, Jacob.

Wyman, Paul; Yocum; Brittany; Younce, Terry.