Economic Development Partners held a public information session Tuesday in keeping with the demand for changes made by the City Council as a condition for continued city funding of the group.

The EDP board plans to have an open session before or after its monthly meetings. One goal of the renewed EDP board is to improve communications with the public.

"This is certainly our first attempt to be open and communicate," said Gary Kennon, president of the EDP board.

The group's reconstruction process is ongoing and formal bylaws will be created to guide the board.

Kennon said the board approved the 2013 budget at its most recent meeting, but a few changes might be made depending on funding. Both the bylaws and the budget will be available to the public, Kennon said, and will be available by the board's next meeting. EDP also plans to make those documents available on its website.

"We don't have a reason to be secretive," Kennon said. "We're going to be as open as we can."

Bernie Murphy, the interim director of EDP, said two prospective businesses - one company from Germany and another manufacturing company - were considering locating in Madison but appear to be heading in different directions. Murphy said they are continuing communication with the companies because one suggested entering into a deal with another business in Jefferson County for supplies.

Board members agreed they must determine what Madison and Jefferson County have to offer and use those ideas to determine what kind of businesses they want to attract.

That would also be beneficial to the schools, said Kathy Hoffman, director of EcO15. She said once the community knows what kind of businesses it wants to attract, then it can be determined what skills need to be taught in the schools.

The board is working to determine metrics, or guidelines, to measure its success. Murphy said they will probably select fewer metrics because having too many can dilute the overall objectives of the board.

"Selecting the right measures is very, very important," Murphy said.

No timeline has been set for the implementation of these issues. The EDP board's next meetings will be March 18, April 15 and May 20.