Madison attorney John C. Eckert has given up his license to practice law in the state of Indiana after facing disciplinary action regarding alleged misconduct.

Allegations of misconduct had been made against Eckert, and earlier this month the Indiana Supreme Court opened a case against him. By choosing to resign, Eckert will not face any disciplinary action.

The court document announcing Eckert's resignation cites the allegations of misconduct. It also says Eckert will pay restitution as a result of the allegations.

Since Eckert resigned, the nature of the allegations will not be disclosed by the Supreme Court.

Eckert said he would not comment directly on the allegations for confidentiality reasons, but said he was glad to have served in Madison for nearly 40 years and is looking to move forward.

"I have other business opportunities outside the area of law that I'm very interested in," Eckert said Monday.

Eckert was admitted to the Indiana Bar on Oct. 21, 1975. His resignation date is listed as June 28, 2013.

If he chose to do so, Eckert would be able to practice law again in Indiana after a period of five years. He would also have to go through a reinstatement procedure.