The FBI said two suspects involved in robberies in the South are responsible for the Madison MainSource Bank earlier this month.

The suspects, April Johnson and Jonathan Johnson, both of North Carolina, were arrested in Louisiana following a robbery on the Arkansas-Louisana border and later confessed to similar bank robberies in North Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee and Arkansas, according to a Madison Police Department news release.

The suspects did not recall the city in which the Indiana robbery occurred, but said it was right on the Indiana-Kentucky border. Because all the robberies were similar in nature, the FBI determined the Indiana location was MainSource, the release said.

Madison police have been investigating the robbery for the past two weeks. The bank was robbed on July 1, when a woman approached a teller requesting information about opening a new bank account. The woman then slipped the teller a note demanding cash.

The bank completed an audit and determined the woman had stolen $1,500. Witnesses gave police a description of the female and also reported seeing a male driving the get-away vehicle.

As of this time, no determination has been made if the suspects will face local charges or be tried on federal charges.