Workers for the City of Madison Water Department and Sedam Contracting made final repairs Tuesday on a broken water main on Vaughn Drive that left 3,000 downtown residents without water Saturday morning.

City Utility Manager Brian Jackson said water was restored around 9:30 a.m. Saturday, but the clamp used to help patch the hole wasn’t big enough to stop the entire leak. The city had to order a larger clamp to accommodate the 12-inch main, which arrived Tuesday morning.

Workers were back at the site around 11 a.m. Tuesday and isolated a water shutoff in that segment of Vaughn Drive to allow the new clamp to be put in place, a job that took about 30 minutes. Once the leak was finally secured, they filled the hole with pea gravel and a top layer of crushed limestone to make the surface drivable by Tuesday night.

“Everything went smoothly and no one lost pressure. Nobody even really realized we changed it out yesterday,” Jackson said.

The water department will allow the gravel to settle two weeks to a month before patching the asphalt even with the rest of the road, Jackson said.