King's Daughters' Health officials plan to offer free skin cancer screenings Wednesday.

The annual screenings allow people to be tested for the most common cancer in the United States, a hospital release said. The screenings will take place at the King's Daughters' Health Cancer Treatment Center, 621 West St.

People of all ages are welcome to take part in the screenings, and no appointment is necessary.

Medical professionals recommend people protect themselves from the sun by minimizing sun exposure when the sun's rays are most intense from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., use sunscreen every day as the sun's rays can penetrate clouds and avoid tanning booths and sun lamps, the release said.

The American Cancer Society recommends checking skin once a month for abnormalities. If there are any changes, contact a doctor immediately, the release said.

People may receive more information about the screening by calling Stacy at 801-0541. Additional information about skin cancer may be found on the hospital's website,