Sharon Jenkins, left, and her sister, Betty Wingham, both of Madison, read a scripture passage on a table that also holds a cross, hammer and nails during the Good Friday Prayer Walk at the former Eggleston Elementary School.

Madison First Baptist Church hosted the prayer walk, where visitors were able to move through different themed areas describing what Jesus went through on Good Friday.

Stopping at each station, visitors were able to contemplate how Jesus' experiences relate to their own lives.

During the prayer walk visitors were encouraged to write down on an index card something that they have not been able to feel forgiven for in their lives. At a following station, they were reminded that at the cross Jesus took the punishment for our sins.

At that station they were encouraged to use a stamp that spelled out the Lord's name, dip it in red paint and then stamp over the unforgiving sin, blotting it out of sight on the paper.

At one of the final stations the visitors folded the paper and nailed it to a cross, leaving the sin behind them as they walk away.

Staff photos by Ken Ritchie/