The Advanced Collaboration Team has gathered ideas on what an economic development group in Jefferson County should accomplish.

The ACT group, which is comprised of a representative from the City Council, County Council and Hanover Town Council, met Thursday for 90 minutes and received public input and got a firm idea of what they would want out of an interlocal agreement.

The main idea that was agreed upon was to create a five-member board that would develop a comprehensive economic development strategic plan that would make the county eligible to receive state or federal money, which would be used to improve quality of life.

City Councilman Pete Backus said a majority of the public input has focused on obtaining federal funding for projects, making a list of strengths and weaknesses, holding government accountable, working together with local government, building from the ground up and improving the quality of life.

The group hopes to take a broad look at all facets of economic development before crafting an interlocal agreement. At its first meeting, the ACT group set a six-month deadline for getting an agreement done.

The idea behind the ACT group is to develop an interlocal agreement that the three members can agree upon and then present it to the elected officials and government boards in the county.

Members of the group also reported that they are getting some positive feedback about what they are trying to accomplish, though not all of it has been that way.

Hanover Town Council President Debbie Kroger said she has talked to some elected officials about the board, many of whom have been "skeptical" about the board's ability to succeed.

"For the most part, the elected officials I talked to were excited and wanted to make this happen," she said.

County Council member Larry Wynn said he's heard some positive feedback as well.

"I feel as though we're gaining support in certain areas," Wynn said.

Kroger said the attorney for the Hanover Town Council will attend the next ACT meeting to address any concerns or questions people might have about an interlocal agreement. The next meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 8 at the Venture Out Business Center.