Zach Walker, top, talks about his immature bald eagle during the "A Bald Eagle and a Hairy Potter" program at the Lanier Mansion Visitors Center on Thursday.

The program included local pottery and ceramics artist John Marsh and Walker giving lectures about their fields of interest.

The point of the program was to take two unrelated presentations and then allow the audience to make connections between the two.

Walker's eagle came from a raptor rescue organization. It had been shot and injured its leg and had been found in a landfill. It also had a scratch in its eye that made it impossible for the bird to hunt for its own food. Walker has a non-profit organization to teach groups about eagles and other raptors.

Marsh, bottom, talks to his audience about the differences in ceramics based on the type of clay and temperatures used when firing them. (Staff photos by Ken Ritchie/