Haley Mae Campbell, “I love Madison, and me and the band will put on a great show for you.”
Haley Mae Campbell, “I love Madison, and me and the band will put on a great show for you.”

There are a handful of out-of-town musicians who are essentially card-carrying members of the Madison music scene. Tim Brickley comes to mind. Greg Foresman. Jordan Wilson. Woody Woodmansee, the keyboard wizard. The Brothers Smith play here all the time, including this coming Saturday at the Taproom. And The Black Lillies, of course, coming back to Red Bicycle Hall on Oct. 3.

Now with her second visit here this summer, I’d like to nominate Haley Mae Campbell to join the club. Haley is a native of Isle of Palms, South Carolina (just north of Charleston), but she now resides in Nashville. She’s coming back to Madison for a reprise show at the Lighthouse Restaurant this Friday, Aug. 9.

I talked with Haley by cell phone last Friday as she was traveling across North Carolina.

“We have five shows this weekend, so we’re really booked solid,” said Haley. “We’re headed to Charlotte, North Carolina right now, then Columbia, South Carolina, then Charleston, then we’re doing a show in my hometown Isle of Palms, and then up to Myrtle Beach.

“But I’m super excited to come back to Madison next weekend. The show we did at the Lighthouse back in early June was one of the most fun shows we’ve done all year. The crowd was amazing. There’s something about small town shows.”

I asked her what made small towns special.

“It’s just a phenomenon we’ve noticed, maybe a word-of-mouth thing. It seems like everybody who comes to the show brings along their friends and makes it a party.”

She had the good fortune during her last visit to Madison to stay and explore the town a bit, not just play and dash.

“We stayed with Kristi Nichols and Pat Lynch. My manager Katie and her husband were travelling with us too, and they stayed with Paul and Bridget Davis.

“We had to run over to Louisville at night to play gigs, but during the day we got to explore the town. We rode golf carts down along the river, which was awesome, and we checked out the coffee shops and restaurants. The food at the Red Pepper was outstanding.”

Haley has been a professional musician for five years now, which is no small feat considering she’s just 21 now. She said she feels like her career is really starting to take off now. “It’s getting exciting, like a snowball rolling downhill. The trick is to keep the momentum going.

“We were invited to play the CMA Fest in Nashville the last two years, which is a big milestone for aspiring musicians. Then this song I just released in early June called ‘Anything But Yellow’ just passed one million streams on Spotify. We’re super-excited about that. The song is currently on the Hot Country playlist on Spotify too, alongside artists like Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley and all the rest. That’s some pretty elite company for a small town South Carolina girl.

“I would tell everybody in Madison who likes country music to come on down to the Lighthouse this coming Friday. You’ll hear a great mix of up-and-coming original music, plus some of your favorite cover songs. I love Madison, and me and the band will put on a great show for you.”


Two shows on Sunday are definitely worth checking out (although you’ll have to pick one!) At Stream Cliff Farm out near Commisky, Robert Reynolds and some friends are playing at 1 p.m. Then at 4 p.m. at Mad Paddle Brewery, Tracy Thompson is playing. I haven’t heard Tracy personally, but I’ve been told by reliable sources that he is very good. Now that I think about it, you could go watch Robert and make it back in time for Tracy! That would be a great Sunday of live music.

Charlie Rohlfing is a stalwart of the RiverRoots Festival committee, a campfire guitar strummer, and a partner in The Red Bicycle Hall music venue. Find him out and about or at charlie@madisoncourier.com

This Week In Music - August 8, 2019

Thursday, August 8:

Off Broadway Taproom — The Refinement

Friday, August 9:

Off Broadway Taproom — Jordan Wilson Coalition

Lighthouse — Haley Mae Campbell

Music in the Park (Broadway Fountain) — Doctors Band

Saturday, August 10:

Thomas Family Winery — Spontaneous Rambunction

Off Broadway Taproom — Brothers Smith Band

VFW— Smoking Guns

Little Kentucky River Winery — Robby Cox

Sunday, August 11:

Stream Cliff Herb Farm & Winery — Robert Reynolds & Friends (1 p.m.)

Mad Paddle Brewery — Tracy Thompson & Elaine Basham (4 p.m.)

Off Broadway Taproom — Davy or Daryl

Looking ahead to next weekend:

Ribberfest weekend here in Madison!

J.D. Shelburne playing at Carroll City Fairgrounds