The town of Hanover continues planning to rearrange offices between the community center and town hall to better address Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Under the plan, the police department will move to the first level of town hall to become accessible to all residents, the trustees' office will move to the community center and the utility office will feature new security measures.

On Monday, the town accepted a bid to repaint the community center for the trustee's office.

The town heard five bids for the interior work on the community center and awarded the project to Lucinda's Restoration, which submitted a bid $6,250 for labor and materials. A representative from the company said the project would take about two weeks, and they could start in early September.

Council president Debbie Kroger said the board has considered putting in a drive-through window and new door for the utility office for security purposes.

"Those are some positive changes that we're looking at," Kroger said, "but not something that's going to happen overnight."

The board hopes to complete the move by the end of the year.

Also at the meeting, the town unanimously voted to switch to United HealthCare for town employee health care coverage. The change will be a complete buyout from the current provider, Mutual Medical, and will go into effect Oct. 1 and run until Dec. 31 of next year.

Employees will see a savings of at least $150 each month and not see a decrease in coverage. United HealthCare also has a similar network of doctors, said town administrator Brenda Bundy. 

"It's almost apples to apples as far as the coverage," Bundy said.

In other business:

• The board held off paying a $1,500 invoice to the Jefferson County Industrial Development Corporation because it wants the organization to provide a more detailed bill for its services.

• The board approved an ordinance to establish Locust Street as one-way going east from Main Street to Main Cross Street. The change is effective immediately.

• The board agreed to change one of the parking spaces in front of town hall into a handicap spot for ADA regulations.

• The town entered into an agreement with Indiana Public Employment Plan Insurance for an annual workman's compensation coverage of $18,354.