Three pieces of residential land totaling 1.38 acres will be acquired using federal grant money to build a new segment of the Heritage Trail. A new trailhead and a parking lot for trail users will be built on the purchased land, which is on the south side of Crooked Creek.

No one lives on the property. Madison businessman Tom Davee is donating one piece, but as part of the required process it has to be lumped in with the other two, said Jenny Eggenspiller, the city community development and outreach director.

Another piece is owned by Bill Bilz, whose B&Z Concrete business is housed in two trailers on the land. The trailers and construction materials on the ground will be removed when the business moves.

The third parcel is small and its ownership cannot be determined, Eggenspiller said. She said it is possible it is city-owned for railroad right-of-way. Bilz has an interest in the parcel because he has used it for years, so he will be compensated, Eggenspiller said.

Most of the Heritage Trail is on the north side of Crooked Creek. The three parcels are on the south side.

The new segment will link the River Walk Trail that starts on Vaughn Drive and goes north on the unused railroad incline to the Heritage Trail.

The gravel trail and the stone arch bridge will be retained to be the connection to the paved Heritage Trail, Eggenspiller said.

Also as part of the $880,105 project, the trail crossing at West Second Street will be replaced.

The project cost is made up of $234,105 for engineering, $598,000 for construction and $48,000 for right of way.

People can express their concerns about the plan, and a public hearing can be requested.

Requesting a hearing doesn't mean there will be one. A legal ad that is required due to federal money being spent says that if a hearing is requested, one will be scheduled if it is "determined to be in the best interest of the public."

The unofficial purchase prices - which have not yet been accepted in writing, are $40,000 for the B&Z Concrete property and $7,120 for the unknown-owner property, Eggenspiller said.

A public hearing can be requested by submitting concerns to a hearings examiner by Oct. 31. The examiner, Ryan Scott, is at Butler, Fairman & Seufert Inc., 8450 Westfield Blvd., Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46240.