The Historic Board of Review held a special meeting Tuesday evening, the board's second meeting in as many days.

Madison's Preservation Planner, Camille Fife, said the board can call a special meeting, but it's something it doesn't do often. The special meeting was called for people who missed the board's deadline - the first Wednesday of every month - to present information at the meeting.

"The board tries very, very hard to accommodate everyone who comes before them," Fife said.

Fife added that delay to the start of the projects could have been burdensome or costly to the applicants.

Former mayor Markt Lytle presented his application to the board to build a storage shed at his home at 1129 W. Main St.

The shed, which would be no bigger than 12 by 20 feet, will be installed in the rear of Lytle's backyard.

"We're accumulating things in the carport and it doesn't look very good. It's not as neat," Lytle told the board.

The board approved the build with a 6-0 vote. Board member David Powell arrived after the meeting began, and did not vote on the first application.

The second application came from board member Libby Mann. Mann owns the Broadway Tavern and Hotel at 313 Broadway.

Mann plans to build an enclosement to an existing patio on the North side of the building.

"It's going to be short brick wall all around the existing patio," Mann said. "It will be about 30 inch's tall and the top part of the wall to the roof of the patio will be glass."

The enclosed patio will allow Mann to offer patio seating year round.

The board approved the vote, 6-0. Mann recused herself from the proceedings.

Fife, who had initially had an item on the agenda, asked the board for an extension.

The board unanimously agreed. Fife will present at the boards next meeting, May 27.