Special to The Courier

The owners of a planned brewpub will be allowed to replace a wooden garage door with a metal door, but members of the Historic Board told the owners’ representative Tuesday night that an anodized metal door with a similar appearance to the current door is preferred to shiny metal.

The vote was 6-1, with board member Orbin “Sonny” Ash voting against a metal door.

At the same property, the board did not take action on applicant Jerry Wade’s request to replace half-round gutters on part of the roof at 301 West St.

His representative, contractor Brian Martin, said the roofing contractor for that part of the roof is uncomfortable with the idea of reinstalling or replacing the half-round gutters and instead wants to use what were described as commercial-style gutters. Martin said the commercial-style gutters are bigger than half-round gutters.

Martin said that perhaps local people can be found to put the half-round gutters back on again when the roofing is done. The board said that if the existing gutters cannot be used, samples of the commercial-style gutters should be taken to the board for consideration.

The only other split vote was on a request by Angela and Phillip Lobb to keep seven vinyl windows they had installed at 213 Jefferson St. The Lobbs and board chairwoman Valecia Crisafulli agreed that there had been a misunderstanding when the Lobbs previously were before the board. The Lobbs said they had thought that vinyl windows were approved.

Crisafulli said that vinyl windows are prohibited, and the installer should have known that. Angela Lobb said the contractor had not been registered with the city as required but has since registered.

The Lobbs are replacing other windows using materials acceptable in the historic board guidelines.

Crisafulli said that board approval of vinyl windows for the Lobbs will not be considered a precedent for future board actions.

“This was a property that was derelict and a blight on our downtown,” Crisafulli said. “I’m glad somebody has taken it on.”

She was joined by board members Josh Wilber, Mike Dorsey and Penny Sanchez in voting to approve the vinyl windows. Ash, Betsy Lyman and Owen McCall voted against the windows.

The board unanimously approved seven other applications. Two applications were not considered because the owners had not properly displayed required signs notifying the public that an application had been filed with the historic board.