Vacancies on the Historic District Board of Review resulted in a deadlocked vote Monday.

An application before the board was brought by William Jacobs, who wants to replace three wood window frames with vinyl frames at his home at 126 West St.

Jacobs said the front three windows of his home do not open and are not energy efficient. The majority of the house was built on as an addition in the 1980s. However, the three windows are in the original, historic, section of his home.

Board member Pam Newhouse said there are other options besides replacing the windows.

"The windows are very unique and really nice," Newhouse said. "I'd hate to see the loss of those windows if they can be fixed."

Because the Historic Board is a seven-member board, it takes a majority vote - four or more votes - for the board to approve or decline a measure. There are currently two vacant spots on the board, and board president Ron Hopper was not in attendance leaving four board members available.

Board members Libby Mann and Bob Schoenstein voted to approve the request, while Ann Roller and Newhouse voted against it.

Because a unanimous vote could not be reached, the application was extended until next month's meeting.

Historic Preservation Coordinator Julianne Steger said she has been searching for new members to fill the vacancy, but the search is taking longer than originally anticipated.

"It's taking a slew of rounds of calling people, asking them to be on the board. It's a constant process," Steger said. "It's a little harder to fill these spots, but we've got a couple more leads that came in late last week."

Also at the meeting, the board approved five applications presented to the board.

Bill Peckinpaugh requested approval to remove a metal roof and guttering from a house located at 321 Cragmont Street.

Gary Zauer requested permission to install internal LED lights in the Hillside Inn sign at 831 E. Main St.

Joy Barron brought three requests before the board. The first request was to replace vinyl siding, remove a sliding glass door and replace it with a single steel door at her building at 821 W. Main St.

She also brought a request to remove the front facade wood siding of both buildings at 823 and 825 W. Main Street, and replace it with a new aged poplar wood siding, along with removing deteriorated window trim and repair or replace it.

Her final request was to add a 15-by-30 foot addition to the rear of the building at 825 W. Main St.