The Advance Collaboration Team has finalized an interlocal agreement for economic development and will present it to government bodies in the coming weeks.

The proposed interlocal agreement, which was released Saturday by ACT Chairman Larry Wynn, would establish a Community Development Council that would be responsible for overseeing all areas of economic development in the county.

Wynn said he hoped to finalize a timeline soon. He will present the concept at tonight's County Council meeting, but only to determine if there are any questions and not to formerly introduce the interlocal agreement.

If approved, the Community Development Council would be a seven-member board. The mayor of Madison would serve as a member of the board, as would a representative from the Hanover Town Council, County Council, County Commissioners and City Council.

The language of the interlocal agreement is such that if the mayor does not join the board or appoint a representative to join the board, then the City Council could appoint someone to that position. The same is true of the Commissioners, except the County Council could appoint someone to the board.

The mayor and the Commissioners were not officially involved with the creation of the interlocal agreement.

The other two positions would be filled by a representative of WorkOne and Ivy Tech Community College to ensure the group could apply for grants and other types of funding.

If Ivy Tech does not appoint someone in 60 days, then the Hanover Town Council would appoint someone to the position.

According to the proposed interlocal agreement, funding for the Council would not only come from grants, but could also come from county economic development income tax (CEDIT) money.

The group would also have the ability to create subcommittees to handle issues such as quality of life and downtown development.

A copy of the interlocal agreement is posted on the Madison Courier website,