(Courier staff photo by Steve Dickerson/sdickerson@madisoncourier.com)
(Courier staff photo by Steve Dickerson/sdickerson@madisoncourier.com)
Sophomore Jed Carter hosts a trivia game based on state and local manufacturing facilities for iPOD Day at Ivy Tech Community College. iPOD is the acronym for "Industry Possibility and Opportunity."

Madison Consolidated, Shawe and Southwestern high schools sent juniors to the event to learn about manufacturing careers. The event was sponsored by Economic Opportunities through Education by 2015 (EcO15).

Kathy Huffman, Jefferson County coordinator for EcO15, said speakers were selected by the Indiana Career Explorer test - an online test that shows students what they might be interested in for a career.

Huffman said the six most popular careers among students were determined and speakers were chosen based on those results.

"There are different speakers in between sessions," Huffman said. "That way we know the kids are interested in the careers they're going to hear about."