The Madison Consolidated High School 2013 prom court has been announced. The king, queen, prince and princess will be crowned at the prom at Hanover College on Saturday.

Top, the queen candidates are (from left) Marian Orozco, Sammy Lyon, Esther Bock, Annie Lynch, Kate Ison and Jordan Breeding. The king candidates are (from left) Luke Stephanus, Kyle Callahan, Sam Everett, Trajen Jenkins, Drew Bear and Logan Kleopfer.

Bottom, the princess candidates are (from left) Macky Hecox, Pia Wenke, Whitney Wynn, Abigail Demaree, Katie Browning and Kelsi Wallace. The prince candidates are (from left) Malte Frenzel, Clark Vaughn, Carson Wattenbarger, Sam McIlvain, Tanner Sauley and Austin Brady.

(Staff photos by Ken Ritchie/