Five bus driver positions are expected to be eliminated by the Madison Consolidated Schools.

Superintendent, Dr. Ginger Studebaker-Bolinger said that one bus driver is taking retirement, two have resigned and two more have been told they will be let go, pending approval by the school board.

The action will be presented to the board for approval at its next meeting, March 13.

Bolinger said that new bus routes would be phased in over the next few weeks.

"We'll be combining routes and eliminate routes slowly," she said. "I don't expect it to be that much longer in the morning."

Bolinger met with the bus drivers more than a month ago to let them know of possible changes to come.

"One of the things I said to the bus drivers was that we'd give them 30 days notice," she said.

The drivers will be employed until spring break begins on March 25.

During February's board meeting, Bolinger presented next year's budget and cited problems with the projected transportation budget.

Madison is expecting $1.67 million in the transportation budget but is projecting $1.74 million in expenditures for the 2013-2014 school year.

"You can see there's a little issue there," Bolinger said at the meeting. "Our expected expenditures is much higher than our expected revenue."