The Madison Consolidated Schools Board Wednesday night approved a list of citizens to be invited to serve on the district's building project task force. 

At last month's special building projects meeting, Superintendent Ginger Studebaker-Bolinger announced she would like the board to recommend 12 to 16 community members to be invited to serve as a task force charged with developing a recommendation for the next phase of the school corporation's building project.

Bolinger said more than 40 people expressed interest in being involved.

That group was narrowed to Merritt Alcorn, Trevor Crafton, Nancy Jacobs, Bob Canida, Ray Black, Bill Tereshko, Paul Robinson, Ed Taylor, Drew Garrett, Susan Ohlendorf, Gina Freeman, Terry Crank, Kathy Huffman, Jim Bob Risk, Bill Hensler and Sue Livers.

Bolinger also recomended that three teachers be appointed to the task force and that Director of Operations Mike Frazier, Director of eLearning Lisa Cutshall and herself be invited to the task force. 

"At the last building projects meeting one of the last things we wanted to do was gather a task force to look at financing, information and work with our architect to understand what kind of project the community wants to take on, and prioritize what that might look like," Bolinger said.

The board approved the list with a 3-0 vote. 

Board President Todd Bass was called away because of his duty with the Indiana Air National Guard, while board member Joyce Imel had a family matter to attend to.

In other business, the school corporation's budget is a step closer to completion.

The first reading of the proposed $31 million budget was held.

The budget includes $19.7 million for the general fund, $3.6 million for the debt services fund, $1.2 million for the pension debt fund, $4.1 million for the capital projects fund, $1.8 million for the school transportation fund and $425,000 for the bus replacement fund. 

The proposed general fund is $1.3 million less than the 2013 general fund. 

The board will have a second reading and vote on the proposed budget at its next meeting, Oct. 8. After approval, the proposed budget will be sent to the state for review.

"This is the advertised budget," Bolinger reminded the board. "Most often that's reduced for us by the department of local government finance. So the likelihood we'll receive all of this money is not great. We will have to make some reductions."

The deadline to approve the proposed school budget is Nov. 1.

Also at the meeting:

The school board approved a partnership agreement with the Madison Police Department that will allow Madison Consolidated Schools to have city funding for a school resource officer. 

The partnership agreement, which has already been approved by the Madison Board of Public Works and Safety and the Madison City Council, calls for both the city and school district to pay $10,000 toward the cost of a resource officer. The funding was contingent on a state grant that school and city officials applied for earlier this year that would provide matching funds for a resource officer.

If Madison's grant proposal is approved, the state will provide $20,000 and the city and school district will provide the other half of the funds needed. If Madison Consolidated Schools is not issued the grant, then both groups will pay $20,000 to fund a resource officer. 

Funding from the city hinged on a letter of agreement from the school district saying it would help fund the position, as well as a job description for the officer.

The board approved a memorandum of understanding with Pathways Youth Shelter and Family Services. Pathways will provide a social worker for the Madison Alternative Program for 10 to 13 hours per week. 

Pathways is providing a $10,000 grant to help pay for the partnership, while Madison has agreed to pay $500 per month.

The school transferred $1 million from the general fund into the school district's rainy day fund.