Personnel changes have forced Madison Police Chief Dan Thurston to adjust schedules to keep officers on the road.

Currently, the department is down four officers. Two - officers Shawn Scudder and Brandon Decker - are attending the Indiana Police Academy and are usually only available for weekend work.

Lt. Dan Slygh moved into Madison schools full time last month when he became the new school resource officer. Patrolman Josh Abbott was suspended after his arrest on allegations of domestic violence.

For now, Thurston said he will be pulling a detective to help cover the road patrols.

"We have taken Lt. (Jonathon) Simpson out of the detective's role and he's going to be working on the road," Thurston said. Maj. Jeremey Perkins, who also is the department's assistant chief, has been helping out on the roads as well.

Thurston said he won't ask Slygh to do any patrolling because while he is an officer with the department, part of his salary is also being paid by the schools. He also believes Slygh is doing a good job with the students and he wouldn't want to pull him out and interfere with any progress being made.

The department began accepting applications for a new officer shortly after Slygh made his transition. The goal is to hire an additional officer and assign another officer to the detective's office to help close some investigations.

Thurston said those applications are due Feb. 28 with the written and physical fitness testing to take place March 15.