This is a statement in response to recent medical transports of students at Madison Consolidated High School to King’s Daughters’ Hospital ER.

In the last four days, there have been 8 students transported to the ER with similar symptoms which included: elevated heart rate, dilated pupils, fluctuated breath patterns, some limpness or in some cases a loss of consciousness.

In all of these particular situations, there has been confirmed evidence of vaping and/or paraphernalia including pods and cartridges.

We are working with our partners at KDH, Jefferson County Health Department, Madison City Police Department, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, and the State Department of Health to determine similarities in symptoms, treatment, and analyze any toxicology screens to try and narrow down possibilities. This is a high-priority, ongoing investigation led internally by Madison School Resource Officers McVey, Armstrong, and Wallace.

“At this point, safety is our primary concern”, states McVey. “We are investigating a number of leads and encourage students to immediately cease use of these types of devices. Our primary focus is to determine the contents and origin of these devices and what (if anything) may be contained in these pods.”

This confirms and presents a larger, continued concern regarding the use of JUUL and KART devices. If you or your child is using one of these devices and/or buying supplies online, it can be very dangerous.

We continue to be as diligent as possible with hallway and restroom area supervision. We have also placed additional nursing staff at MCHS as a precaution to address any cases that may present until more is understood about the situation. As always, we ask all students to be aware of their surroundings and if you see something that looks suspicious, please alert an adult in the building immediately.