A former employee of the Madison Correctional Facility charged with fatally stabbing two people and injuring a third in Indianapolis is scheduled to appear Friday morning in Marion County Court.

Kristen L. Wolf, 28, of Madison, was arrested Saturday as a suspect in a stabbing incident at an apartment in the 5600 block of Portsmouth Avenue in Indianapolis on May 11. She is accused in an attack that killed Victoria Cook, 24, and Dylan Dickover, 28, and injured Elizabeth McHugh, 33.

According to a police affidavit, a roommate of the victims told police that she, Cook and three friends — McHugh, Dickover and a second male witness police declined to name — were in the Portsmouth Avenue apartment at around 8 p.m. when the roommate and her friend went upstairs.

The male friend then went downstairs, the roommate told police, and when he returned, he was looking for a weapon and told the roommate that a woman downstairs was stabbing people.

The roommate went downstairs shortly after and saw Cook, Dickover and McHugh lying on the floor with stab wounds, according to the affidavit. She called 911 and tried to stop the bleeding.

McHugh described the stabbing to police as a commotion at the door and then a woman came into the living room dressed in “some kind of uniform” with black pants, a shirt with patches on it and a black knit hat. Holding a knife in her right hand, the woman approached McHugh and started stabbing her in the neck, she told police.

McHugh said Dickover tried to stop the woman by grabbing her from behind, but the woman turned her knife on Dickover and began stabbing him over her shoulder.

Cook was pronounced dead at the scene while Dickover, 28, died later at Eskenazi Hospital. McHugh survived her injuries and continues to recover, according to the affidavit.

The roommate told police that she and Cook had recently broken ties with a “violent” man who Cook had been dating and he was “teaching them to kill with knives and axes.” Specifically, she said that he “trains women to kill,” according to the report.

A neighbor later identified the man that Cook had allegedly dated as Wolf’s current boyfriend, the affidavit stated.

After the attack, the suspect left behind a hat with an IDOC patch on it and a tag with the name “Wolf” written on it. A DOC internal affairs investigator matched the description of the suspect with the last name “Wolf” and identified Kristen Wolf, according to the affidavit.

Wolf denied being in Indianapolis on May 11, but a search of her residence on May 22 found several combat style knives and uniforms with patches identical to the patch on the hat found at the crime scene.

Investigators also found sheets of paper on Wolf’s bedroom nightstand that described how Wolf had “wondered what it would be like to kill someone and how she took inspiration from serial killers,” the affidavit said.

There was also a short will that appeared to be signed by Wolf, Officer Caleb Melloh wrote.

Wolf was not initially charged after her arrest. However, an inmate profile on the city of Indianapolis website showed a Kristen L. Wolf facing two counts of murder. She is scheduled for her first hearing at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

IDOC spokesman Dave Bursten told the Indy Star that Wolf was employed at the department from February 2014 to May 22, 2020, a departure time frame that coincides with the allegations.