A preventive maintenance plan for Madison Consolidated Schools' property was unveiled Wednesday. The five-year plan is broken into two categories - building and grounds.

The School Board asked Mike Frazier, director of operations, to create a five- to seven-year preventive maintenance plan earlier this year.

"Preventative maintenance is one of the most important things we do here," Frazier said. "We're getting our buildings into the shape they need to be in, but it's ongoing." 

Year one of the building maintenance plan will focus on exteriors, including cracks in mortar, brick chipping, doors, windows and pest control. The approximate cost is $335,000.

Year two will focus on roof repair and replacement. Approximate cost is $750,000.

Year three covers interiors, including electrical repairs, lighting, wiring clocks, bells and the intercom, plumbing fixtures, water fountains and shower areas. The expected cost is $360,000.

Year four will focus on both interiors and exteriors. Frazier said this year would see work done to heating and cooling systems. The approximate cost is $450,000.

The final year of the building plan will include painting and floor finishing, including the gymnasium floor. Frazier said the approximate cost for the maintenance is $120,000.

Year one of the grounds maintenance plan will focus on repairing parking lots, sidewalks, ramps and curbs. Cost is expected to be around $175,000.

Year two will cover school security, including preventive work on gates, fences, lighting, cameras, locks and signage. That work is expected to be around $120,000.

Year three will focus on athletic facilities. That will include repairs to press boxes, bleachers, the fieldhouse, dugouts, scoreboards and sound systems. That cost is approximated at $200,000.

The fourth year of the plan will focus on athletic fields. Work will include seeding, sodding, drainage, fertilization, irrigation and spraying. Maintenance work will also be done to playgrounds. Frazier said the estimated cost will be around $125,000.

The final year of the grounds preventative maintenance plan will focus on landscaping. The approximate cost of that work is expected to be $75,000.

The average cost each year for the preventative maintenance plan is $537,000. Those funds would come from the school system's capitol projects fund. 

Frazier said that with a proper service plan in place, "all areas of the maintenance will operate in a more efficient way."

Also at the meeting:

• The school is looking to hire a college and career readiness coordinator that will work with each grade level to make students ready for college or to enter the workforce once they graduate. 

Partial funding for the position comes from an EcO15 phase two grant. 

• The board approved a community open swim at Madison Consolidated Junior High School. 

The pool will be open to the public beginning next Thursday. The pool will be open on Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m., Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. 

Cost will be $1 and elementary aged children and younger must be accompanied by an adult. 

• The board approved a memorandum of understanding with Jefferson County to fund a school resource officer from the Jefferson County Sheriff's office. 

• The school is working on a plan with River Valley Financial Bank that would place the school district logo or mascot on debit cards issued by the bank for customers who requested it. With each transaction made with the card, two cents will be sent to the school. More information about the possible agreement will be presented at a future meeting.