A Kentucky man involved in an altercation in Bedford was arrested for showing a U.S. Marshals badge that he stole the same day from local law enforcement.

Daniel F. Murray, 27, of Campbellsburg, had been interviewed by a Trimble County sheriff's deputy Monday in Sheriff Tim Coons' office concerning drug information. During the interview, Murray allegedly took Coons' U.S. Marshals badge from the desk without the deputy witnessing the theft.

Following the interview, the sheriff's office was alerted to a fight in progress on Luckett Avenue. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, officers found Murray shirtless in the street with scratches from a fight. Murray told police he had been fighting with another man, who lived in the area.

When police questioned the other man about the fight, he told officers Murray had shown a U.S. Marshals badge.

"Obviously that piqued our interest," Coons said.

Officers found Murray still in possession of the badge after the altercation.

Murray was arrested for theft, impersonating a peace officer, disorderly conduct and assault. He remains lodged in the Carroll County Detention Center.