A Madison man already out on bond with three pending cases faces six new criminal charges after police believe he stabbed three men in the downtown area on Good Friday.

Matthew G. Thorne, 31, faces three Level 3 felony counts of aggravated battery and three Level 5 felony counts of battery with a deadly weapon following the altercation near Mulberry and Fourth streets.

Prosecutors filed the charges against Thorne Monday morning in Jefferson Superior Court.

Madison Police responded to reports of a fight and someone injured around 10:30 p.m. on Friday. Officers found a 19-year-old male with a laceration across the left side of his chest and left bicep. The teen told police Thorne cut him. He was taken to the King’s Daughters’ Health Emergency Room and later transported to the University of Louisville Hospital for treatment, the probable cause affidavit stated. 

While police were at the emergency room, hospital staff told officers another 19-year-old male was being treated for a seven-inch laceration to the back side of his left arm. The man initially indicated to police that he didn’t know what happened and didn’t know who he was with when the injury occurred. He indicated that he “blacked out.”

He later told police he was trying to help another person who was in a fight with a person when that person cut him, the affidavit said.

A third person – a 20-year-old male – also arrived at the emergency room for treatment of a cut that ran under his right arm. Police attempted to speak with the man, but he initially would not respond, the affidavit stated. 

The man’s parent told police Thorne was responsible for the cut.

The man later told police Thorne attempted to hit his friend and he attempted to keep the fight from escalating by pushing his friend away. He then saw Thorne pull something from his pocket. When he backed up, he noticed he was cut.

Police also spoke to a juvenile who had been on Mulberry Street during the fight. The juvenile said he and one of the alleged victims often wrestle with one another, but Thorne and a woman approached them on bicycles while the two were wrestling.

He told officers Thorne pushed one of the teenagers, and the two began fighting. The juvenile claimed Thorne and the teenager were the only ones fighting during the first altercation, but Thorne began stabbing at the teen at one point and the two other alleged victims began fighting with Thorne. The juvenile told police Thorne stabbed the two others, and they ran from the scene.

The teenager was attempting to get up when Thorne stabbed him, the affidavit said.

Officers learned during the investigation that Thorne was on pre-trial release through Jefferson County Community Corrections due to three pending cases and was being monitored with an ankle bracelet with GPS. The monitor initially indicated Thorne was in the area of John Paul Park on Third Street between Vine and Mill streets, but continued monitoring indicated Thorne was walking west. Officers located Thorne and a female near Cragmont Street and Presbyterian Avenue.

Police noticed Thorne had blood and dirt on his shirt and pants, and Thorne told officers four or five boys with knives and baseball bats “jumped” him.

The woman with Thorne said she and Thorne had been on bicycles in the 600 block of Mulberry Street when they noticed men arguing. She indicated Thorne believed one of the men was getting “jumped,” but all the men began fighting with Thorne. The woman said she attempted to pull the others away from Thorne.

The woman told police she and Thorne were able to get free and began traveling toward Fourth Street when one of the men ran up to them pushed Thorne off of his bicycle.

She also told officers a knife was possibly used in the first altercation on Mulberry Street.

Thorne told police he was “stomped to the ground” by five or six people.

Thorne later told police during an interview that one of the men yelled toward him before seven or eight people ran toward him with a “billy club.” Thorne said one of the people mentioned having a knife and later noticed one of the people bleeding. Thorne told officers he wasn’t sure, but he thought the person fell on a knife. He denied having a knife, the affidavit said.

During the police interview, Thorne said he picked up the bat the others had and struck one of the alleged victims, but he claimed it was in self-defense. He also told police he was out of jail on bond and would not have been carrying a knife, but Thorne again mentioned using a bat on someone.

Thorne later told police he was just trying to stop someone from getting beat up.

Police noted in the affidavit that Madison Police arrested Thorne on March 20 after receiving a report of someone waving a “box cutter” around the area of Michigan Road and Clifty Drive. Police arrested Thorne on charges of public intoxication and found a yellow and black box cutter, which remains in the evidence room at the Madison Police Department, on his person during a search of his person.

Thorne posted a $500 bond in the March 20 case following an initial hearing in Jefferson Superior Court. Jefferson County Prosecutor Chad Lewis said Monday that prosecutors unsuccessfully requested a $5,000 bond in the case because the state believed the man was a danger to the community due to violating pre-trial release conditions in two pending 2016 cases.

On Saturday, Police located a yellow and black box cutter in a yard east of where the juvenile indicated the first altercation happened.

Thorne appeared Monday afternoon for an initial hearing in Jefferson Superior Court where he entered a preliminary plea of not guilty in the case. The Court set bond at $250,000 cash only.