A Madison man faces criminal charges after a person who had been pulled over for speeding on Michigan Road claimed to have been held against his will and threatened with a handgun.

Mario C. Johnson-Hollins, 23, faces a Level 3 felony count of criminal confinement, Level 5 felony counts of carrying a handgun without a license and intimidation, a Level 6 felony count of possession of a legend drug without a prescription and a misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana. Prosecutors filed the charges Friday in Jefferson Circuit Court.

Madison Police Patrolman Aaron Watson noticed a vehicle speeding on Michigan Road near the Pines Restaurant around 1 p.m. Thursday. After conducting a traffic stop, the driver told Watson that Johnson-Hollins had attempted to keep him from leaving and showed a gun. 

The driver said he had been at a home earlier when Johnson-Hollins and other man accused him of taking marijuana. The man said he attempted to leave, but Johnson-Hollins said no one was leaving until the situation was “worked out,” and he showed a camouflaged gun in his waistband.

The driver said he feared that Johnson-Hollins would shoot him if he left, the probable cause affidavit stated. The driver followed Johnson-Hollins after leaving the location.

Police talked to Johnson-Hollins, who said he did encounter the man earlier. Johnson-Hollins said he wasn’t sure why the man said he had a gun though.

Johnson-Hollins said the man stole something from his friend, and Johnson-Hollins just stood up for his friend to keep him from getting injured. Officers noted Johnson-Hollins didn’t say what was stolen from his friend.

Officers noticed a gun under the passenger seat of the vehicle Johnson-Hollins was driving.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Cochran and his K-9 partner, Glock, conducted an open-air sniff of the vehicle and alerted to the presence of narcotics. 

During a search, police located a 40-caliber handgun with one bullet in the magazine under the passenger seat. Officers also located marijuana behind the driver’s seat. 

Police also located an unlabeled medicine bottle with 126 orange pills, identified as prescription-only Seroquel, in a pocket of the driver’s side door.

Police arrested Johnson-Hollins and transported him to the Jefferson County Jail.

The driver received a written warning for speeding, the affidavit stated.

Johnson-Hollins appeared Friday afternoon for an initial hearing in Jefferson Superior Court where he entered a preliminary plea of not guilty. The Court granted a 15-day hold to allow for the filing of a possible probation violation, as well as a no-contact order between Johnson-Hollins and the victim.

The Court set bond at $30,000 cash only following the 15-day hold.