A Madison man pleaded guilty Monday to a child molesting charge and will be sentenced to the maximum prison term.

Leslie E. Richardson, 35, pleaded guilty to child molesting as a Class C felony, which is punishable by two to eight years in prison. According to a plea deal signed by Richardson, he will serve eight years in prison, with none of that time suspended.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Richardson in March 2012 after an investigation into allegations of child molesting. According to police, Richardson forced a boy who was 3- years-old to perform sex acts on him over the period of a year.

Six years on drug charges

A Jefferson County woman was sentenced to six years in prison and four years of probation Wednesday for two unrelated drug cases.

Ashley N. Calhoun, 28, pleaded guilty to dealing methamphetamine and dealing a controlled substance, both Class B felonies.

Judge Darrell Auxier ruled that the aggravating factors included that she had been arrested several times while out on bond.

Police first came into contact with Calhoun in February 2012 after receiving a report of drug activity. They arrested her after finding meth and marijuana in her home. All charges from that case were dismissed in a plea agreement.

While she was out on bond, members of the Madison Police Department conducted a controlled buy of heroin with Calhoun. That charge was not filed immediately because the confidential informant used in that case was providing information for other cases.

Calhoun was arrested in July after police said she was manufacturing meth. After her arrest, Calhoun was charged with dealing heroin.

After being released from jail on bond in those cases, Calhoun tested positive for marijuana and pills, according to prosecutors. The day after the first part of her sentencing hearing, community corrections ordered a drug test and she tested positive for three different substances, prosecutors said.

The mitigating factor that reduced her sentence, according to Auxier, was the fact that she had no criminal history prior to her February 2012 arrest.

Man pleads guilty to dealing heroin

A Madison man pleaded guilty to dealing heroin Wednesday in Jefferson Circuit Court.

Bradley Randall, 31, entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors that would have him serve 10 years in prison for dealing a controlled substance, a Class B felony.

Randall was arrested by Madison police in July 2012 after officers used a confidential informant to purchase two capsules of heroin for $50.

Randall will be officially sentenced in June.