Madison police tased a man twice after he allegedly shoved a police officer during a welfare check Tuesday.

Officers arrested Troy Harrison, 45, of Madison, after police went to check on an elderly female after a concerned caller alerted the department that the woman's son was denying her medication, a news release said.

Senior patrolman Jeremy Cox and patrolman Brian Wyatt responded to the call to complete a welfare check in the 2200 block of Flint Road. Harrison opened the door of the residence when police arrived. Officers explained to Harrison about the call and asked if the woman was at the residence.

Harrison walked away from the door and told officers to find her themselves, the release said.

Cox followed Harrison down a hallway in the home when Harrison opened a basement door and told officers that she was downstairs. Then, Harrison turned and started shoving Cox back down the hallway, the release said.

Cox told Harrison to stop and attempted to take Harrison to the ground. Because Harrison was resisting law enforcement, Wyatt used his TASER on the man.

Cox and Wyatt took Harrision to a couch to handcuff him, but Harrison continued to resist and Wyatt tased the man for a second time, the release said.

Harrison began to comply with officer demands, was handcuffed and transported to the Jefferson County Jail.

He faces charges of battery to a police officer, resisting law enforcement and neglect of a dependent.

Harrison refused his Miranda rights and did not answer officer's questions, the release said.