The owner of Needful Things was found to be in contempt of court last week for disobeying a judge's order.

A judge ordered Julie Marshall's accounts and assets to be frozen in February and to remain frozen until proceedings against her in a civil case are completed.

Marshall sold her residence at 13403 Deputy Pike in April for $10,000. She bought the property after the case had been filed and said she did not think it would be included in the judge's order.

Marshall said she spent $5,000 on her attorney fees and $5,000 on personal expenses using the $10,000 she earned from the sale.

George Gesenhues, Marshall's attorney, is ordered to turn over the remaining $4,800 over to the court. Marshall is also ordered to appear in court Dec. 2 for additional actions related to the contempt of court violation.

Marshall is being sued by Judy Andrew and Steve Moreland, the parents of Ryan Moreland, for damages resulting from their son's death. They claim Ryan Moreland bought synthetic drugs from one of her stores and eventually overdosed on those drugs.