Milton Volunteer Fire and Rescue kicked off the department's fire subscription drive to allow residents to be covered for the upcoming year.

Milton Fire Chief Jason Long said subscriptions for fire services in the upcoming year range from $40 and up for residential properties, while subscriptions for businesses range from $50 and up. The subscriptions will cover the deeded property for the entire year of 2013.

"This year we got them out a little bit early," Long said of the subscription notices.

The subscription letters also have a different look to the mailings this year, Long said, and the department had several calls because of the different look. He assures residents the subscription letters are from the Milton fire department and that it's the same subscription request residents receive every year. The department chose to have a company send the letters this year.

"It's really from us," he said.

Instead of receiving tax revenue like some fire departments, Milton Volunteer Fire Department operates from the subscription revenues of residents and from bills sent to homeowners should the fire department have to respond to a residence.

The letter asks Milton residents to send a subscription contribution back to the fire department for each deeded property a resident owns. The subscription cost provides 24-hour coverage in the Milton area for emergency fire response and fire prevention activities in the area.

With a subscription, the fire department will respond to any fire emergency on the deeded property including house, brush and machinery fires on the property.

The subscription also covers a subscriber's vehicle within the Milton area, should an accident or fire occur.

Residents choosing not to subscribe to the fire services will be charged should the fire department need to respond to the property, Long said.

For more information on subscriptions or to become a volunteer, contact the department at (502) 268-3016. Information about the Milton Volunteer Fire Department is also available online at and on Facebook and Twitter.