Milton residents asked city commissioners at their meeting Thursday night to address safety concerns they've had near their homes during the past few months.

Mayor Denny Jackson said a few residents had recently complained about neighbors shooting guns in the city limits.

He asked city attorney Genon Hensley what options the city has to enact an ordinance or other type of enforcement.

Hensley said there are no laws about carrying guns and no laws against shooting guns inside the city limits.

"Our gun laws are very liberal," she said.

Instead, people may call law enforcement to report shots fired. It's up to law enforcement officials to go to the scene to see if anyone would be in danger, Hensley said.

Someone could be charged with wanton endangerment for placing another person in harm's way.

Hensley said she spoke to Trimble County Sheriff Tim Coons, who said the sheriff's office receives a call about shots fired about once a day.

"Unless there's a situation where they can charge them with wanton endangerment, there's not much (the sheriff's department) can do," she said.

Commissioners plan to look into a city ordinance to address using guns in a safe and responsible manner in the city. They plan to discuss the issue again at the commission's July meeting.

The commissioners also discussed garbage left in the yards. Some residents allow garbage to pile up, causing city officials to send notices of ordinance violations, city clerk Pam Joyce said.

In the first letter, Joyce includes a note about the violation and a copy of the ordinance. A second letter reminds the homeowner or renter of the $250 a day fine that can be charged if the violation continues.

Commissioner Seth Willis recommended the commission make a standard notification timeline and stand by the city's ordinances by enforcing fines.

Hensley said residents could be cited by law enforcement and required to appear in court for their violation.

"That might be the thing that gets their attention," she said. "I think that would make an impression."

In other business:

• Jackson will meet with a sign company Friday to discuss the placement of Milton's new gateway signs.

"I'm really anxious to get them placed," Jackson said.

• The city commission unanimously approved the second reading of the 2014-2015 budget during the meeting.

• Commissioners unanimously agreed to renew the city's current medical insurance plan for employees for the upcoming fiscal year.