Milton residents asked the city commissioners about the upkeep of a subdivision street during a meeting Thursday night.

Les Ball asked if the city planned to take over and maintain the street in the Willow Lake Estates subdivision. Ball said the property owners maintain the road, but other prospective buyers needed a commitment from the city to move forward with loans from banks.

City attorney Genon Hensley said the road has been considered the city's property since commissioners approved an ordinance placing the subdivision within city limits. It is up to the city to maintain the road as it is or to make improvements, he said.

"It is in the city and it is a public street, but it does not meet (current city) standards," Hensley said.

Attorney Ruth Baxter, who was representing the homeowners, said nothing has been done to maintain the road in several years. Baxter said the city couldn't pave the street with the city's current standards because it isn't wide enough. The maintenance has been up to the homeowners.

"There's some interest in selling more and moving forward," Baxter said, but banks want some kind of agreement for upkeep of the road. "The banks have really been burned in recent years."

Hensley said subdivision property owners and the commissioners have been discussing the road since 2001, and something needs to be decided. Money has been an issue for the city to improve the road in the past, Hensley said.

Ball said he hoped the city could at least fill the potholes in the roadway and apply a topcoat of gravel.

The commission agreed to form a committee to look at the issue. Commissioners Jerry Harmon and Tom Mahoney plan to serve on the committee along with two residents.

The committee will assess the street and needed maintenance for the future.

In other business:

• Milton Fire Chief Jason Long told commissioners the fire department has responded to a record number of runs already this year. So far, the department has responded to 246 calls.

"We're well over last year already," Long said.

• Commissioners received more information concerning the city's gateway signs.

Commissioners plan to make a final decision during December's Commission meeting.

• City field coordinator Mark Bates told commissioners the meter replacement project is nearly 93 percent complete. City workers have installed 1,332 meters, and only eight remain to bring all active accounts online.

• The commission agreed to provide a $100 donation to Project Prom.