Insurance notices sent to Milton water customers may be misleading, and city officials are warning residents to be cautious.

The American Water Resources of Kentucky recently sent a packet of insurance information to customers concerning water line issues between the water meter and the structure. The mailing asks customers to purchase insurance through the American Water Resources to cover the cost of water line repairs that homeowners might incur should a line break.

City of Milton water and sewer billing clerk Sue Craig said that the American Water Resources of Kentucky Water Line Protection Program for Homeowners is not affiliated - or endorsed - by the City of Milton Water and Sewer.

"They made it appear that way" since the letter is addressed to Milton Water Customer, Craig said.

Craig has received several calls concerning the letter over the past few days, but assures customers they should not feel obligated to purchase the insurance. Customers may chose to purchase the insurance if they wish.

Craig said the water company takes care of the lines to a customer's meter, and the homeowner is responsible for any issues from the meter to the home.

"Very seldom does a customer have a leak between the meter and house," Craig said.

Craig encouraged customers to check with their insurance company to understand what their policy covers concerning possible issues of the underground water line or water lines inside of the home.

The American Water Resources of Kentucky is listed with the Better Business Bureau as an accredited business, and the company maintains an "A+" rating.

Overall, the company had 26 complaints reported in the past three years, Craig said. According to the company's Better Business Bureau report, 14 of the issues have been problems with the company's product or service.

Craig noted that another packet of information had been sent to water customers from another company that did not appear to have good business practices.