A missing handcuff key and lack of manpower were the two factors that led to the Jennings County Jail escape of inmate Kim Lynn Patton a week ago.

The Jennings County Sheriff’s Office announced this week the conclusion of its investigation into the escape from the area jail for one day. Officers had initially warned the public Patton was in the North Vernon courthouse area, not armed but dangerous.

Within 24 hours of the escape, and with a citizen tip, the search ended Saturday with Patton once again behind bars.

“Old procedures from previous administrations will be replaced with new procedures and policies,” the news release said. “Patton was transported in a transport vehicle with a transport cage where he was able to unlock his handcuffs.”

The department included a missing handcuff key and a lack of manpower among the factors leading to the escape.

“A handcuff key was taken by an inmate at the booking counter which eventually landed in the hands of Kim Lynn Patton,” the release said. “The jail officer noticed the key missing and notified his superior and the key was never found.

“Due to lack of manpower in the jail, only one jail officer was able to transport Patton to court where he had to park in an isolated area.”

Patton now faces additional charges for the escape.