Apart from a contest for at-large county council seats and delegates to both the Republican and Democratic state conventions, local candidates in the May 5 primary are so far running uncontested on their respective party tickets.
The deadline for candidates to file for primary elections in Indiana was noon, Friday, Feb. 7. The final ballot from the Jefferson County Voter Registration Office lists all candidates who filed by that deadline for national, state and local offices.
Three County Council At-Large seats are on the ballot. Republican incumbents Pam Crozier and Heather Traylor Foy have filed for their at-large seats. Three other Republicans also have filed — Gary Copeland, Michael T. Scott and Charles Johnson. There are no candidates on the Democratic ticket.
Twelve candidates from the county’s Democratic Party and 12 candidates from the Republican Party have filed for election as delegates to the state party conventions in July. Nine Democrats and 10 Republicans will be elected.
Two Republican county commissioners, Robert Little of the Middle District and David Bramer of the Lower District, are uncontested in their districts for the party’s nomination and there are no candidates on the Democratic ticket.
Deputy Prosecutor Blaine Goode has filed to run for Superior Court Judge on the Republican ballot and is uncontested. Mary J. Stotts, a local attorney, is uncontested on the Democratic ballot for Superior Court Judge.
County Recorder Molly O’Connor is seeking re-election and unopposed on the Democratic ticket and there is no candidate on the Republican ticket.
Republican incumbent Melinda Hallgarth-Klopp has filed for re-election as Country Treasurer and is unopposed. John Hutchinson has filed for the county treasurer nomination on the Democratic ticket.
Republican Mike Pittman was elected Jan. 27 by a Republican Party caucus to serve the remainder of the unexpired term of former Surveyor Jeff Daghir, who resigned. Pittman is seeking the Republican nomination. Democrat Jon Kuner is seeking the County Surveyor nomination on the Democratic ticket and is unopposed.
The deadline for a candidate who wants to file as a write-in or obtains party approval to run on a party ticket for the Nov. 3 general election, is noon, July 6.
To check voter registration status, go to www.indianavoters.in.gov

Final list of candidates to be on ballot in Jefferson County
Courier staff report
U.S. President
Donald J. Trump, Republican
Bill Weld, Republican
Joe Biden, Democrat
Mike Bloomberg, Democrat
Pete Buttigieg, Democrat
Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat
Amy Klobuchar, Democrat
Bernie Sanders, Democrat
Tom Steyer, Democrat
Elizabeth Warren, Democrat
Andrew Yang, Democrat
Eric Holcomb, Republican
Brian Roth, Republican
Woodrow Myers, Democrat
Joshua Owens, Democrat
State Representative No. 66
Brian Tibbs, Republican
Terry Goodin, Democrat
State Representative No. 67
Randy Frye, Republican
State Representative No. 69
Jim Lucas, Republican
Jeffery Prewitt, Democrat
U.S. Representative
(Sixth District)

Greg Pence, Republican
Jeannine Lee Lake, Democrat
Superior Court Judge
Blaine S. Goode, Republican
Mary J. Stotts, Democrat
Molly O’Connor, Democrat
Melinda Hallgarth-Klopp, Republican
John Hutchinson, Democrat
Mike Pittman, Republican
Jon Kuner, Democrat
No candidate
Middle District
Robert A. Little, Republican
Lower District
David H. Bramer, Republican
County Council At Large
Gary W. Copeland, Republican
Pam J. Crozier, Republican
Michael T. Scott, Republican
Heather Traylor Foy, Republican
Charles Johnson, Republican
Precinct Committeemen
Patrick E. Thevenow, Republican
Laura Hodges, party not listed
David Carlow, Republican
Madison Township 1
David H. Smith, Republican
Madison Township 2
Andrew Michael Joel Becker, party not listed
State Convention Delegates
Republicans (Vote for 10)
David Carlow
Bob G. Courtney
Sharon L. Daghir
Chris Hill
Mindy McGee
Linda Pittman
Mike Pittman
Katie Rampy
Rick Reuss
Chris Shelton
Patrick E. Thevenow
Josh Webb
Democrats (Vote for 9)
David Alcorn
John Hutchinson
Brody Bennett
Jim Crone
Daniel E. Dattilo
James Fischer
Kelly Knight
Janet Huber Lowry
Phil Mullins
Suzanne Laine
David G. Rettig
Rebecca M. Rettig