Carrollton officials might introduce a new logo for the city later this year if City Council members agree to accept the new graphic identity.

Carrollton resident Justin Bessinger presented the ideas that committee members developed over the past few months during a council meeting Monday night.

Bessinger had agreed to work with a committee to create a new visual identity for the city - including a logo and color scheme. He did not charge for his services.

Mayor Gene McMurry said the city's current logo could use a new look.

"The logo we have there has been the same since the days of the ski slope," McMurry said, noting the logo used at the top of the city's letterhead.

Committee members wanted the logo to be simple and direct with a connection to the river, Bessinger told council members.

The proposed logo features the city's established date, a blue line with a loop to signify the two rivers converging at the Point and the city's tag line of "Where Rivers and People Meet."

Bessinger said the logo and identity could be used for the city's various departments and venue locations.

The design could also be used throughout Carroll County, if officials would choose to do so.

"It's easily transferable to the county," Bessinger said.

Council members chose to delay action on a decision until they had a better chance to look over the proposed branding and address any possible questions.

Several council members commented on the designs during the meeting, saying the design was well thought out and executed.

"It's a great job, and it really looks nice," Councilman Mike Gordon said.

Councilman Robb Adams said some city departments - such as Carrollton Utilities and the police department - might not want to change already established logos.

"I think there's a lot of places in the city where it won't be used," Adams said. "But I think there's a place for it."

McMurry agreed. He said he hoped to see the logo used on city stationery and possibly on city vehicles.

"It is important and something we hope will improve the image of Carrollton," he said.

Also during the meeting, city department heads gave reports on issues related to the subzero temperatures last week.

Public works supervisor Ronnie Knight told council members about the 15 leaks at the campground.

He explained plastic valves connecting to the copper piping caused the leaks during the subzero weather. With the other valves already replaced, only about eight of the original connections remain, he said.

The 15 campsites are closed until the fixes can be made, Knight said.

Chastity Robbins with Carrollton Utilities said the company had several weather-related issues, too. The utilities' water plant pumped about 50 percent more during the subzero temperatures than usual.

And water leaks for customers were numerous. The utilities company also had to deal with a few main line leaks.

"There were water leaks everywhere," she said. "We were really busy over the last week."

The water plant has returned to nearly normal operations, she said, and the leaks have been fixed.

In other business:

• First readings on three ordinances dealing with the city's utilities were held.

The first ordinance amended the Carrollton Utilities manager's compensation to allow the amount to be established by the City Council from time to time by resolution upon recommendation of the Utilities Commission.

The second ordinance amended the members of the Carrollton Utilities commission to reflect current membership. The utilities manager has never been a voting member of the commission, as noted in the outdated ordinance.

The third ordinance deleted a section for setting the gas utility rates concerning discount transportation rates.

All three ordinances will have a second reading at the city council's next meeting on Jan. 27.

• Council members accepted an audit report for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. The audit was presented by Raisor, Zapp and Woods of Carrollton.

• The council approved a closure on Main Street on May 17 for the annual Music for the Cure at the Tiki Bar.

Main Street from Third Street to Point Park will be closed from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. for a motorcycle show and other activities from 2 to 5 p.m. Bands will begin to play at 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. The event's proceeds will benefit Amelia Breeden Hall's Relay for Life team.