An off-duty Madison police officer was involved in an accident in Minnesota on Wednesday, suffering non-life-threatening injuries.

Wayne Phillips, 43, was a passenger in a 2010 GMC pick-up truck that was driven by John K. Wallace, 29, of Indianapolis. According to Minnesota State Police, Wallace's vehicle was hit when an oncoming semi jack-knifed after being rear-ended.

Phillips, a lieutenant with Madison Police Department, had a hip injury and has already undergone surgery, sources familiar with the accident said. Wallace, who is the son of Jefferson County Sheriff John Wallace, was treated and released.

Nicholas Phillips, 26, of Greenwood, was the most seriously injured in the accident. Sources said Phillips was in a coma after the accident, but did come out and was able to talk. Doctors put Nicholas Phillips in a medically induced coma for brain swelling.

James Leveille, 25, of Greenwood, the fourth passenger in Wallace's vehicle, had stomach lacerations from his seat belt, sources said.

The other two drivers were not seriously injured. The semi trucks were carrying logs, which spilled at the time of the accident.