Trimble County High School juniors Sidney Gossom, front, and Courtney Clifford use green and yellow paint on a mural project at Crystal Beach on Tuesday, while pool patrons enjoy the sunshine. The mural, which began to take shape in November, and which was scheduled to take six months, has had several setbacks, mainly due to weather delays.

Trimble County Schools art teacher Bonnie Peugeot, of Madison, is leading the project with the help of local high school and college students from both sides of the Ohio River. Peugeot is also a former Crystal Beach lifeguard. Peugeot said the 110-foot long mural will highlight 70 years of Madison's history, focusing on the pool, the riverfront and some notable personalities associated with Crystal Beach.

A portion of the mural, which is being painted on the side of a shed owned by Historic Madison Inc., is expected to be done in time for the 2013 Madison Regatta, with a final completion date set for this fall. (Staff photos by Ken Ritchie/