PORTLAND, Tenn. - A Florence, Ind., man and Bedford, Ky., woman are accused of attempting to sell stolen guns to an ex-police officer in Tennessee.

Terry Hopper, of Florence, Ind., and Pamela Bentz, of Bedford, Ky., were arrested Thursday and allegedly in possession of 12 stolen shotguns and rifles.

Some of the stolen items have been connected to recent burglaries in Carroll County, but the sheriff's office said the case is still under investigation.

The two suspects found the intended buyer, Jody McDowell, an ex-law enforcement officer and registered firearms dealer.

The two set up a meeting in Tennessee at McDowell's office, which is located across the street from the Portland Police Department.

"His whole story was suspicious and fishy," McDowell told WSMV-TV of Nashville.

The store's surveillance system captured the transaction as police waited nearby.

After the man handed over the first gun, McDowell noted its serial number, and texted it to the detective.

"I actually was sitting there holding the guns in my lap, and the guy and his wife were sitting there talking to me," McDowell said.

"I'm there nonchalantly putting numbers in," McDowell told the television station.

Portland Police Detective Joey Rush then got the text, called dispatch with the serial number and it came back with a match.

"So the very first one pops up as stolen," McDowell said.

Besides guns, Hopper and Bentz's car was full of knives, jewelry and watches, and police are now tracing those items to possible home burglaries.