Two people face drug and drug-related charges following a traffic stop on Vaughn Drive Friday night.

Charles A. Pennington, 47, and Michele D. Tingle, 32, both face Level 6 felony counts of possession of methamphetamine and unlawful possession of hypodermic needles. Pennington also faces a driving while suspended infraction.

Prosecutors filed charges against the two Monday morning in Jefferson Superior Court.

Madison Police Patrolman Phillip Wimpee noticed a vehicle with no license plate illuminated but a plate attached to the far right side of the rear bumper. The vehicle immediately pulled to the side of the road as the patrol vehicle approached.

The officer spoke to Pennington who got out of the vehicle and began to approach the patrol car. Pennington suggested he knew the reason for the stop and mentioned a prior fight. When Wimpee mentioned the license plate light as the reason for the stop, Pennington said someone must have removed the bulb.

Wimpee also spoke to Tingle, who was a passenger in the vehicle. The woman had her hands in the pockets of her hoodie before turning around in her seat and beginning to dig in the rear of the cab even though she had been told not to move.

Dispatchers told officers at the scene that the license plate displayed on the vehicle belonged to another vehicle. Wimpee asked for consent to search the vehicle due to the fictitious plate and the individuals’ behaviors, and Pennington granted permission.

During the search, officers located two hypodermic needles with one containing 30 units of a clear liquid substance that later field tested positive for methamphetamine. Both people denied that the needles belonged to them, but they failed to identify who the needles belonged to.

Police arrested Pennington and Tingle and transported them to the Jefferson County Jail. During a search at the jail, officials found two small plastic bags with white residue in the pocket of the jacket Tingle was wearing. Tingle admitted the jacket was hers, but she denied the bags in it belonged to her

Both Pennington and Tingle were scheduled to appear Monday afternoon for initial hearings in Jefferson Superior Court. Pennington and Tingle were released from jail Monday afternoon.