USA Football gave a presentation to the Madison Parks and Recreation board Wednesday about its new Heads Up football program. 

Parks Director Dave Stucker announced last month that Madison's little league football program was teaming with USA Football to implement the new program with little league coaching staffs.

The Heads Up program is becoming more popular in youth programs across the country because of its emphasis on "heads up" tackling. The new tackling form keeps a player's head raised while tackling, which reduces the risk of head and neck injury, according to USA Football representative Colin Sexton.

"Hopefully this will make youth football in your community a better, safer game," Sexton said.

Scott Davidson, the sports coordinator for the parks department, said he hopes to implement the new program from the city's youth leagues through high school programs.

Davidson said putting little league coaches through the new program training was a proactive move, and not one that was being made because of past injuries.

"We're going to get the info out to all of our parents and coaches and make sure we get them involved."

Davidson also gave a report to the board on the city's youth sports leagues.

The youth basketball program earned just over $3,000 in admissions this year and $3,000 in concessions this past season. Both numbers are down from the previous season. However, Stucker told the board that fewer games were played this season because of weather. 

Davidson's report also said that little league football helmets were inspected this year and 47 were rejected and will need to be replaced. 

He expects 12 helmets to be rejected after the upcoming season. He told the board he would like to implement a helmet replacement fund.

Also at the meeting:

• Davidson told the board he has been working to develop a little league golf program for this summer for 7 to 14 year-olds. Activity fees will be $50 like with other little league programs.

Davidson said he plans to present more of the details at next month's board meeting. Parents interested can call the Madison Parks and Recreation Department for more information.