Plans for the Bridge Slide Celebration in July continue to progress as local businesses donate items and information continues to be gathered.

Milton City Commissioners heard updates from Debbie Crawford about the plans on both sides of the Ohio River during a meeting Thursday.

Crawford said the Trimble County Public Library workers will scan documents and photos for the celebration, as well as interview people born around the time the bridge opened or those with memories of tolls on the bridge.

Other plans for the celebration in Madison - scheduled for July 27 - include concerts, food booths and inflatables. A pageant for ladies ages 18 to 25 will be held in May to select a queen for the events, as well as the naming of an honorary queen for the bridge slide. Once construction nears the end, a time capsule will be placed near Pier 1 on the Milton side of the Ohio River to signify the event.

"Whatever you want in there, you tell us and we'll get it in there," Crawford said.

She suggested items from this year, or items that have significant meaning to the area from the past.

Also during the meeting, Commissioner Tom Mahoney cited several areas that need to be cleaned this spring. Mahoney said several properties on School Hollow Road need trash removed and suggested a dumpster be placed in the area for homeowners to use.

"That might be one of the ways to get it cleaned up since it's spring," Milton Mayor Denny Jackson said. "It needs to be done."

The city's field supervisor Mark Bates said a letter would be sent to homeowners in the area to let them know dates that the dumpster will be in the area.

Mahoney also said a resident had asked for the city to replace old mulch at the city's park. Bates noted new mulch would cost about $1,200 to $1,500. Other commissioners asked whether gravel would be a better choice than mulch.

"Pea gravel would be less damaging to knees and elbows," Commissioner Lynn Comeaux said.

Bates will check prices and report back to the commission.

In other business:

• Commissioners opened bids for leasing land owned by the city. The two bids submitted were for the same amount of money.

"Never run across this one before," Jackson said.

Both bidders will be contacted and asked to resubmit bids for the lease, and a special meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on March 21 to open the bids.

• Neil Bryan with the Farmers Bank of Milton attended the meeting to renew the city's two loans for water and sewer improvements. The loan renewal will decrease the rates on the loans, Bryan said.

"We appreciate that more than you know," Jackson said.

The loans are annually renewed.

• Commissioners agreed to make several donations during the meeting on Thursday. The commission donated $200 to the Babe Ruth baseball league, $200 to Relay for Life and $120 for Project Prom.

• Commissioners approved carpet cleaning for the municipal building. Coit carpet cleaning submitted the lowest bid of $315.

• Bates also told commissioners of a grant that will allow the purchase of yellow and white strobe lights for the city's work trucks. The lights will provide better visibility for workers near the side of roads. Commissioners approved the purchases.

"That's going to be real valuable," Jackson said.

The grant will pay for half of the purchase price while the city will pay the remaining balance.