The fall installment of property taxes is due Tuesday.

Tax bills can be paid until 4 p.m. at the county treasurer's office on the first floor of the Courthouse or during regular hours at any of the Jefferson County branches of MainSource Bank and River Valley Financial Bank; and the Farmers Bank of Milton branch on Clifty Drive. Taxpayers paying at a bank should take their bill with them.

Anyone with questions can call the treasurer's office, 265-8910.

Fall taxes usually are due Nov. 10, but this year that was Saturday. The Jefferson County Courthouse was closed Monday for Veterans Day, so the deadline is Tuesday.

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance web site explains what happens if a taxpayer does not pay the property tax bill by the deadline: "If an installment of property taxes is not completely paid on or before the due date, a penalty shall be added to the unpaid portion. If the full installment of property taxes is completely paid within 30 days of the due date and no other delinquent taxes are due on the property, a 5 percent penalty will be owed on the amount that was delinquent. After 30 days, the penalty increases to 10 percent on the amount that is delinquent.

"In addition, if any taxes remain unpaid when the next year's installments are due, an additional penalty equal to 10 percent of any taxes remaining unpaid shall be added. A property may become subject to a tax sale of the property if the taxes remain unpaid after one year."